Package options

Certain features of this library are configurable via Preferences.jl.

LOG_DESTRUCTIONLog the destruction of Vulkan handles"false"
USE_DISPATCH_TABLERetrieve and store function pointers in a dispatch table to speed up API calls and facilitate the use of extensions"true"
PRECOMPILE_DEVICE_FUNCTIONSPrecompile device-specific functions if a Vulkan driver and suitable devices are available. A value of "auto" will attempt to precompile but ignore errors; use "true" to raise an error upon precompilation failures."auto"

Destruction logging

To debug the reference counting mechanism used through finalizers for handle destruction, it is possible to print when a finalizer is run and the resulting effect (freeing the object, or simply decrementing a reference counter). To enable this, set the preference LOG_DESTRUCTION to "true".

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