Getting started


This library offers wrapper types and wrapper functions that are intended as a replacement for their C-like counterparts. There are two levels of wrapping, but you should focus on high-level wrappers and only drop down to intermediate wrappers if you find it necessary for performance. Error handling is exposed through ResultTypes.jl to provide a more robust and user-friendly way of managing error return codes.

Finally, functions and structures have docstrings with information extracted from the XML specification, with links to the original Vulkan documentation, information on required extensions, return codes and more. You can access them easily through the built-in help in the REPL: for example, ?InstanceCreateInfo will print you information regarding the InstanceCreateInfo structure. See the full documentation here.


This package can be installed through the registry with

julia> ]add Vulkan

Make sure that you have a decently recent Vulkan driver installed.